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aiken x info
aikenxicons is your #1 source for all Clay-related graphics. aikenxicons provides, not only icons, but also wallpapers, banners, and signature sets for message boards, to Clay fans all around the world.

aiken x rules
No Clay bashing.
If you don't like Clay then be mature and stay away from this community.
Do not say harmful things to the artists.
They are using their free time to make things for you.
If you don't like it, simply don't comment.
Comment when you are saving something for your own use.
Positive feedback is always appreciated.
Do not claim the art posted in this journal as your own.
Always use credit where it is needed.
Please do not request graphics.
Seperate updates will be made when an artist is accepting requests.

aiken x contributors
The maintaner of this community is:

The current icon makers of this journal are:

Do you want to contribute to aikenxicons?
If so, visit this journal entry for more information.

aiken x affiliates
a4c_icons x aiken_challenge x carrieu_art x saturday_xx

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aiken x promotions
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